Why ADUs are better then Retirement Homes

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Why ADUs Beat Retirement Homes: A Realistic Look at Senior Living

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When it comes to choosing the right living arrangement for aging parents, the decision between retirement homes and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) is more significant than ever. Here at IMKAT Homes in Sacramento, we’re passionate about providing families with practical, personalized housing solutions. Let’s take a closer look at why retirement homes might not always be the best option and why ADUs offer a better alternative.

Understanding the Difference:

Traditional retirement homes offer convenience, but they often come at the cost of independence and family closeness. ADUs, on the other hand, prioritize autonomy, customized care, and keeping seniors close to their loved ones within the comfort of their own homes.

Why Retirement Homes Fall Short

1. Loss of Independence: Seniors in retirement homes often have to adhere to strict schedules, limiting their freedom.

2. Limited Personalized Care: With high staff-to-resident ratios, individual attention can sometimes be lacking in retirement homes.

3. Emotional Disconnection: Being separated from familiar surroundings can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

4. Financial Strain: The costs associated with retirement homes can be overwhelming for both seniors and their families.

5. Lack of Familiarity: Retirement homes may lack the warmth and familiarity of home, making it challenging for seniors to adjust.

Embracing ADUs as a Superior Solution:

ADUs offer a more personalized and family-centered approach to senior living. By building ADUs in their backyards, families can provide their aging loved ones with a comfortable and private living space while maintaining their independence.


In today’s senior living landscape, ADUs represent a shift towards more individualized care and closer family connections. At IMKAT Homes, we’re dedicated to helping Sacramento families create nurturing environments where their loved ones can thrive. Join us in reimagining senior housing and making a real difference in the lives of seniors and their families.

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