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Meredith is knowledgeable about the ADU construction and loans that we are doing. How are websites of fields of tools that you can use to estimate the cost of your ADU and she’ll get you the competitive rate that you need. She is also a very sweet person I love working with her. Thanks for all your help Meredith.

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I've been using mortgage program by Meredith few times already, primary, investment property, refinance,etc... I almost forget how many times I do business with Meredith and I always have the best, friendly and fast experience

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Most frequent questions and answers
about ADUs

The architectural plans are what we will need, even if you have not yet submitted them to the City.

A typical monthly cost of the ADU, when financed as part of a renovation refinance is $500. We offer a complimentary rate & term refinance when construction is completed, and that typically brings your monthly cost down to $450. Conversely, every $10,000 in construction costs $50 and $45 per month, respectively.

Nope. You home and land (which is the most expensive part) stay at the same tax rate. Your new square footage of the ADU is taxed at today’s rate, and they are blended together. We do not see a large increase. You can call your County Tax Assessor and they will estimate your new payment.


Yes. The ONLY out of pocket cost you will have is the appraisal. If we do a renovation refinance, you will also need to pay a HUD Consultant but that is reimbursable as part of the loan. Our goal is to pay for 100% of your costs, except the appraisal.


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