ADU Builds

IMKAT is a leading expert in ADUs. We specialize in custom ADUs, extensions and conversions. 

Custom homes

We design and build custom homes. From concept to reality we will build your dream home.

Development & Design

From beginning to end, IMKAT takes care of the design and development process for you.

3-D Renderings ​

IMKAT can provide a complete custom interior design with 3D renderings to give you a visual of what your finished accessory dwelling unit will look like.


Types of ADUs We Do

Discover a world of possibilities with our diverse range of ADUs. We understand that everyone’s needs and preferences are unique. That’s why we offer a wide variety of ADUs to cater to different lifestyles, locations, and design preferences.

One Bedroom Models

Starting at $150,000

Two Bedroom Models

Starting at $170,000

Three Bedroom Models

Starting at $220,000


#1 ADU builder in California

In 2019, we made it our priority to focus specifically on ADU construction and building additions, completing 50 ADUs a year since then.
We make it our priority to provide the best customer service possible focusing on great project management and streamline communication. We treat your home like our own to give you the perfect dream home.

"The project included 600 square feet addition inclusive master bedroom, bath and closet, complete kitchen remodeling, new bathrooms design plus an overall update of the interior. We were very satisfied with IMKAT on the execution and workmanship of the project. IMKAT was flexible and easy to work with."
Audin A.
Sacramento, CA
"Ivan the General Contractor from IMKAT constructions has been the best contractor that I've worked with. He takes great responsibility with each project and so far , his work has exceeded our expectations. With the help of his project manager Vitaly , our ADU project is being completed in a timely and profesional manner."
Andres C.
Sacramento, CA
"Ivan was in constant communication with me on the status of the work, which was completed on the schedule originally provided by IMKAT. More importantly, IMKAT's work was first rate"

Thomas B.
Sacramento, CA
Imkat surpassed our expectations! They were honest, upfront, knowledgable, responsive and reactive. We found they were effective at making changes on the fly and were not hunting to tack on costly change orders. Considering our project had a few significant customizations/improvements to the design along the way, we were very happy that the project was completed as promised, on schedule in just 16 weeks.
Michael G.
Sacramento, CA
Imkat built our ADU and did an excellent job. They were clear and transparent with their estimates, were able to find great options that stayed within their allowances, were professional and punctual, and completed the job on time and on budget despite being delayed by the heavy rain we got this year. I would highly recommend them for construction work.
Leah C.
Sacramento, CA
Ivan and Vitaly were great to work with. They were collaborative, creative, and very generous with their time— helping us design a project that suited our needs. They selflessly offered countless hours toward designing our project and problem-solving, without any cost to me. I appreciated their energy and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, we were unable to proceed with the project, due to other factors, but the team at IMKAT was great !
Ian M.
Sacramento, CA

No cookie-cutter ADUs here – each one is uniquely yours


Most frequent questions and answers
about ADUs

An ADU is a self-contained living unit that is either attached or detached from a primary residential dwelling. It is also commonly known as a granny flat, in-law suite, backyard cottage, or secondary dwelling unit.

Most counties in the surrounding Sacramento area allow you to build up to 1200 square feet per lot. As long as it fits on your property. 

You can build up to two units per property or as long as both units do not exceed 1200 square feet. Such as two 600 SQFT units.
Depending on the size it typically takes 3-5 months for your permits plans and Design and 3-4 months for construction. 

Yes, ADUs can be rented out for additional income. However, local regulations may place restrictions on renting out ADUs, such as requiring a permit or limiting the number of occupants.

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